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Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in a Command ('Command Injection')


Severity High
Score 9.8/10


In Notion Web Clipper 1.0.3(7), a .nib file is susceptible to the Dirty NIB attack. NIB files can be manipulated to execute arbitrary commands. Additionally, even if a NIB file is modified within an application, Gatekeeper may still permit the execution of the application, enabling the execution of arbitrary commands within the application's context. NOTE: the vendor's perspective is that this is simply an instance of CVE-2022-48505, cannot properly be categorized as a product-level vulnerability, and cannot have a product-level fix because it is about incorrect caching of file signatures on macOS.

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  • HIGH

CWE-77 - Command Injection

A command injection attack involves injecting an operating system command through the data input, which gets executed on the host operating system with the privileges of the victimized application. The impact of a command injection attack may range from loss of data confidentiality and integrity to unauthorized remote access to the hosting system. The attack may cause serious data breaches and system takeover.


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