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Improper Privilege Management


Severity High
Score 8/10


The V8 inspector intentionally allows arbitrary code execution within the Workers sandbox for debugging. wrangler dev would previously start an inspector server listening on all network interfaces. This would allow an attacker on the local network to connect to the inspector and run arbitrary code. Additionally, the inspector server did not validate Origin/Host headers, granting an attacker that can trick any user on the local network into opening a malicious website the ability to run code. If wrangler dev --remote was being used, an attacker could access production resources if they were bound to the worker. Whilst wrangler dev's inspector server listens on local interfaces by default as of [email protected], an SSRF vulnerability in miniflare CVE-2023-7078 allowed access from the local network until [email protected]. This issue affects the package wrangler versions 2.0.x prior to 2.20.2, and 3.0.x prior to 3.19.0.

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CWE-269 - Improper Privilege Management

An effective privilege management infrastructure provides valid users with required access and privileges across heterogeneous technology environments. An application with a faulty privilege management infrastructure allows higher than authorized privileges or enables privilege escalation. This can lead to security incidents such as system infiltration, data breach, and complete system takeover.

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