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Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information


Severity Medium
Score 6.5/10


When using deferrable mode with the path of a Kubernetes configuration file for authentication, the Airflow worker serializes this configuration file as a dictionary and sends it to the triggerer by storing it in metadata without any encryption. This issue affects apache-airflow-providers-cncf-kubernetes in versions 5.2.0rc1 through 6.2.0rc1. Additionally, if used with apache-airflow versions 2.2.0b1 through 2.8.1rc1, the configuration dictionary will be logged as plain text in the triggerer service without masking. This allows anyone with access to the metadata or triggerer log to obtain the configuration file and use it to access the Kubernetes cluster. This behavior was changed in version 7.0.0 of apache-airflow-providers-cncf-kubernetes, which stopped serializing the file contents and started providing the file path instead of reading the contents into the trigger. Users are recommended to upgrade to version 7.0.0, which fixes this issue.

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CWE-312 - Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information

The application stores sensitive information in cleartext within a resource that might be accessible to another control sphere.

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