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Incorrect Comparison


Severity High
Score 8.8/10


Babel is a compiler for writing JavaScript. In `@babel/traverse` versions prior to 7.23.2 and 8.0.x prior to 8.0.0-alpha.4, using Babel to compile code that was specifically crafted by an attacker can lead to arbitrary code execution during compilation, when using plugins that rely on the `path.evaluate()`or `path.evaluateTruthy()` internal Babel methods. Known affected plugins are `@babel/plugin-transform-runtime`; `@babel/preset-env` when using its `useBuiltIns` option; and any "polyfill provider" plugin that depends on `@babel/helper-define-polyfill-provider`, such as `babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs3`, `babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs2`, `babel-plugin-polyfill-es-shims`, `babel-plugin-polyfill-regenerator`. No other plugins under the `@babel/` namespace are impacted, but third-party plugins might be. Users that only compile trusted code are not impacted. Those who cannot upgrade `@babel/traverse` and are using one of the affected packages mentioned above should upgrade them to their latest version to avoid triggering the vulnerable code path in affected `@babel/traverse` versions: `@babel/plugin-transform-runtime` v7.23.2, `@babel/preset-env` v7.23.2, `@babel/helper-define-polyfill-provider` v0.4.3, `babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs2` v0.4.6, `babel-plugin-polyfill-corejs3` v0.8.5, `babel-plugin-polyfill-es-shims` v0.10.0, `babel-plugin-polyfill-regenerator` v0.5.3.

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CWE-697 - Incorrect Comparison

The software compares two entities in a security-relevant context, but the comparison is incorrect, which may lead to resultant weaknesses.

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