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Incomplete Cleanup


Severity High
Score 7.5/10


Incomplete Cleanup vulnerability in Apache Tomcat. The internal fork of Commons FileUpload packaged with Apache Tomcat 8.5.85 through 8.5.93, and 9.0.70 through 9.0.80, 10.1.3 through 10.1.15, and 11.0.0-M1 through 11.0.0-M13 included an unreleased, in progress refactoring that exposed a potential denial of service on Windows if a web application opened a stream for an uploaded file but failed to close the stream. The file would never be deleted from disk creating the possibility of an eventual denial of service due to the disk being full. Users are recommended to upgrade to the versions, which fix the issue.

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CWE-459 - Incomplete Cleanup

The software does not properly "clean up" and remove temporary or supporting resources after they have been used.

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