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Incorrect Authorization


Severity Medium
Score 6.6/10


AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open-source software development framework to define cloud infrastructure in code and provision it through AWS CloudFormation. In packages and `@aws-cdk/aws-eks` 1.57.0 through 1.201.0 (The `default MastersRole`, is provisioned only if the `mastersRole` property isn't provided and has permissions to execute `kubectl` commands on the cluster. Users with CDK version higher or equal to 1.57.0 (including v2 users) may be affected. Users with CDK version higher or equal to 1.62.0 (including v2 users) may be affected) and `aws-cdk-lib` versions 2.0.0-alpha.0 through 2.79.1, `eks.Cluster` and `eks.FargateCluster` constructs create two roles, `CreationRole` and `default MastersRole`, that have an overly permissive trust policy. The first, referred to as the `CreationRole`, is used by lambda handlers to create the cluster and deploy Kubernetes resources (e.g `KubernetesManifest`, `HelmChart`, ...) onto it. These versions no longer use the account root principal. Instead, they restrict the trust policy to the specific roles of lambda handlers that need it. There is no workaround available for CreationRole. To avoid creating the `default MastersRole`, use the `mastersRole` property to explicitly provide a role.

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CWE-863 - Incorrect Authorization

Authorization is a security mechanism performed by an application to grant or deny access to the requested resources by verifying the privileges of the user. When an application lacks effective authorization mechanisms, it enables unauthorized users to gain unintended privileges and illegitimate access to resources. Such a vulnerability may result in exposure of sensitive information, denial of service, arbitrary code execution, and complete system takeover.

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