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Out-of-bounds Write


Severity High
Score 8.2/10


GSS-NTLMSSP is a mechglue plugin for the GSSAPI library that implements NTLM authentication. In versions prior to 1.2.0, memory corruption can be triggered when decoding UTF16 strings. The variable `outlen` was not initialized and could cause writing a zero to an arbitrary place in memory if `ntlm_str_convert()` were to fail, which would leave `outlen` uninitialized. This can lead to a denial of service if the write hits unmapped memory or randomly corrupts a byte in the application memory space. This vulnerability can trigger an out-of-bounds write, leading to memory corruption. This vulnerability can be triggered via the main `gss_accept_sec_context` entry point.

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  • HIGH

CWE-787 - Out-of-Bounds Write

Out-of-bounds write vulnerability is a memory access bug that allows software to write data past the end or before the beginning of the intended buffer. This may result in the corruption of data, a crash, or arbitrary code execution.

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