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Incorrect Authorization


Severity High
Score 8.8/10


Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. Versions of Argo CD 1.8.2 through 2.3.13, 2.4.0-rc1 through 2.4.19, 2.5.0-rc1 through 2.5.7, and 2.6.0-rc1 through 2.6.0-rc4 are vulnerable to an improper authorization bug causing the API to accept certain invalid tokens. OIDC providers include an "aud" (audience) claim in signed tokens. The value of that claim specifies the intended audience(s) of the token (i.e. the service or services which are meant to accept the token). Argo CD does validate that the token was signed by Argo CD's configured OIDC provider. But Argo CD does not validate the audience claim, so it will accept tokens that are not intended for Argo CD. If Argo CD's configured OIDC provider also serves other audiences (for example, a file storage service), then Argo CD will accept a token intended for one of those other audiences. Argo CD will grant the user privileges based on the token's "groups" claim, even though those groups were not intended to be used by Argo CD. This bug also increases the impact of a stolen token. If an attacker steals a valid token for a different audience, they can use it to access Argo CD.

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CWE-863 - Incorrect Authorization

Authorization is a security mechanism performed by an application to grant or deny access to the requested resources by verifying the privileges of the user. When an application lacks effective authorization mechanisms, it enables unauthorized users to gain unintended privileges and illegitimate access to resources. Such a vulnerability may result in exposure of sensitive information, denial of service, arbitrary code execution, and complete system takeover.


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