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Improper Control of a Resource Through its Lifetime


Severity Medium
Score 6.5/10


A vulnerability has been identified in SCALANCE SC622-2C (All versions < V2.3), SCALANCE SC622-2C (All versions >= 2.3 < V3.0), SCALANCE SC626-2C (All versions < V2.3), SCALANCE SC626-2C (All versions >= 2.3 < V3.0), SCALANCE SC632-2C (All versions < V2.3), SCALANCE SC632-2C (All versions >= 2.3 < V3.0), SCALANCE SC636-2C (All versions < V2.3), SCALANCE SC636-2C (All versions >= 2.3 < V3.0), SCALANCE SC642-2C (All versions < V2.3), SCALANCE SC642-2C (All versions >= 2.3 < V3.0), SCALANCE SC646-2C (All versions < V2.3), SCALANCE SC646-2C (All versions >= 2.3 < V3.0). Affected devices do not properly process CLI commands after a user forcefully quitted the SSH connection. This could allow an authenticated attacker to make the CLI via SSH or serial interface irresponsive.

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CWE-664 - Improper Control of a Resource Through its Lifetime

The software does not maintain or incorrectly maintains control over a resource throughout its lifetime of creation, use, and release.


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