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Always-Incorrect Control Flow Implementation


Severity High
Score 7.5/10


SputnikVM, also called evm, is a Rust implementation of Ethereum Virtual Machine. A custom stateful precompile can use the `is_static` parameter to determine if the call is executed in a static context (via `STATICCALL`), and thus decide if stateful operations should be done. Prior to version 0.36.0, the passed `is_static` parameter was incorrect -- it was only set to `true` if the call came from a direct `STATICCALL` opcode. However, once a static call context is entered, it should stay static. The issue only impacts custom precompiles that actually uses `is_static`. For those affected, the issue can lead to possible incorrect state transitions. Version 0.36.0 contains a patch. There are no known workarounds.

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CWE-670 - Always-Incorrect Control Flow Implementation

The code contains a control flow path that does not reflect the algorithm that the path is intended to implement, leading to incorrect behavior any time this path is navigated.


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