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Exposure of Resource to Wrong Sphere


Severity Medium
Score 5.5/10


The Android app is an open-source app for to-do lists and reminders. The app uses the activity `ShareLinkActivity.kt` to handle "share" intents coming from other components in the same device and convert them to tasks. Those intents may contain arbitrary file paths as attachments, in which case the files pointed by those paths are copied in the app's external storage directory. Prior to versions 12.7.1 and 13.0.1, those paths were not validated, allowing a malicious or compromised application in the same device to force to copy files from its internal storage to its external storage directory, where they became accessible to any component with permission to read the external storage. This vulnerability can lead to sensitive information disclosure. All information in the user's notes and the app's preferences, including the encrypted credentials of CalDav integrations if enabled, could be accessed by third party applications installed on the same device. This issue was fixed in versions 12.7.1 and 13.0.1. There are no known workarounds.

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CWE-668 - Exposure of Resource to Wrong Sphere

The product exposes a resource to the wrong control sphere, providing unintended actors with inappropriate access to the resource.


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