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Incorrect Authorization


Severity Medium
Score 5/10


Power Distribution Units running on Powertek firmware (multiple brands) before 3.30.30 allows remote authorization bypass in the web interface. To exploit the vulnerability, an attacker must send an HTTP packet to the data retrieval interface (/cgi/get_param.cgi) with the tmpToken cookie set to an empty string followed by a semicolon. This bypasses an active session authorization check. This can be then used to fetch the values of protected sys.passwd and fields that contain the username and password in cleartext.

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CWE-863 - Incorrect Authorization

Authorization is a security mechanism performed by an application to grant or deny access to the requested resources by verifying the privileges of the user. When an application lacks effective authorization mechanisms, it enables unauthorized users to gain unintended privileges and illegitimate access to resources. Such a vulnerability may result in exposure of sensitive information, denial of service, arbitrary code execution, and complete system takeover.


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