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Severity High
Score 8.8/10


Violation of secure design principles exists in the communication of CAMS for HIS. Affected products and versions are CENTUM series where LHS4800 is installed (CENTUM CS 3000 and CENTUM CS 3000 Small R3.08.10 to R3.09.00), CENTUM series where CAMS function is used (CENTUM VP, CENTUM VP Small, and CENTUM VP Basic R4.01.00 to R4.03.00), CENTUM series regardless of the use of CAMS function (CENTUM VP, CENTUM VP Small, and CENTUM VP Basic R5.01.00 to R5.04.20 and R6.01.00 to R6.09.00), Exaopc R3.72.00 to R3.80.00 (only if NTPF100-S6 'For CENTUM VP Support CAMS for HIS' is installed), B/M9000 CS R5.04.01 to R5.05.01, and B/M9000 VP R6.01.01 to R8.03.01). If an adjacent attacker successfully compromises a computer using CAMS for HIS software, they can use credentials from the compromised machine to access data from another machine using CAMS for HIS software. This can lead to a disabling of CAMS for HIS software functions on any affected machines, or information disclosure/alteration.

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