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Improper Authentication


Severity High
Score 8.8/10


django-mfa3 is a library that implements multi factor authentication for the django web framework. It achieves this by modifying the regular login view. Django however has a second login view for its admin area. This second login view was not modified, so the multi factor authentication can be bypassed. Users are affected if they have activated both django-mfa3 (< 0.5.0) and django.contrib.admin and have not taken any other measures to prevent users from accessing the admin login view. The issue has been fixed in django-mfa3 0.5.0. It is possible to work around the issue by overwriting the admin login route, e.g. by adding the following URL definition *before* the admin routes: url('admin/login/', lambda request: redirect(settings.LOGIN_URL)

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CWE-287 - Improper Authentication

Improper (or broken) authentication attacks are widespread, and have accounted for many of the worst data breaches in recent years. Improper authentication attacks are a class of vulnerabilities where an attacker impersonates a legitimate user by exploiting weaknesses in either session management or credential management to gain access to the user’s account. This can result in disclosure of sensitive information, and can lead to system compromise, theft, identity theft, and fraud.

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