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Uncaught Exception


Severity High
Score 7.5/10


Podium is a library for building micro frontends. @podium/layout is a module for building a Podium layout server, and @podium/proxy is a module for proxying HTTP requests from a layout server to a podlet server. In @podium/layout prior to version 4.6.110 and @podium/proxy prior to version 4.2.74 and 5.0.x prior to 5.0.0-next.6, an attacker using the `Trailer` header as part of the request against proxy endpoints has the ability to take down the server. All Podium layouts that include podlets with proxy endpoints are affected. `@podium/layout`, which is the main way developers/users are vulnerable to this exploit, has been patched in version `4.6.110`. All earlier versions are vulnerable.`@podium/proxy`, which is the source of the vulnerability and is used by `@podium/layout` has been patched in version `4.2.74` and `5.0.0-next.6`. All earlier versions are vulnerable. It is not easily possible to work around this issue without upgrading.

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CWE-248 - Uncaught Exception

An exception is thrown from a function, but it is not caught.

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