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Inadequate Encryption Strength


Severity Low
Score 3.7/10


Statamic is a Laravel and Git powered CMS. Before versions 3.2.39 and 3.3.2, it is possible to confirm a single character of a user's password hash using a specially crafted regular expression filter in the users endpoint of the REST API. Multiple such requests can eventually uncover the entire hash. The hash is not present in the response, however the presence or absence of a result confirms if the character is in the right position. The API has throttling enabled by default, making this a time intensive task. Both the REST API and the users endpoint need to be enabled, as they are disabled by default. The issue has been fixed in versions 3.2.39 and above, and 3.3.2 and above.

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CWE-326 - Inadequate Encryption Strength

The software stores or transmits sensitive data using an encryption scheme that is theoretically sound, but is not strong enough for the level of protection required.

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