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Insufficiently Protected Credentials


Severity Medium
Score 5.5/10


An insufficiently protected credentials vulnerability exists in the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect app on Linux that exposes the hashed credentials of GlobalProtect users that saved their password during previous GlobalProtect app sessions to other local users on the system. The exposed credentials enable a local attacker to authenticate to the GlobalProtect portal or gateway as the target user without knowing of the target user’s plaintext password. This issue impacts: GlobalProtect app 5.1 versions earlier than GlobalProtect app 5.1.10 on Linux. GlobalProtect app 5.2 versions earlier than and including GlobalProtect app 5.2.7 on Linux. GlobalProtect app 5.3 versions earlier than GlobalProtect app 5.3.2 on Linux. This issue does not affect the GlobalProtect app on other platforms.

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CWE-522 - Insufficiently Protected Credentials

The product transmits or stores authentication credentials, but it uses an insecure method that is susceptible to unauthorized interception and/or retrieval.


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