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Out-of-bounds Write


Severity High
Score 9.8/10


There is a stack buffer overflow vulnerability in the formSetPPTPServer function of Tenda-AX3 router V16.03.12.10_CN. The v10 variable is directly retrieved from the http request parameter startIp. Then v10 will be splice to stack by function sscanf without any security check,which causes stack overflow. By POSTing the page /goform/SetPptpServerCfg with proper startIp, the attacker can easily perform remote code execution with carefully crafted overflow data.

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CWE-787 - Out-of-Bounds Write

Out-of-bounds write vulnerability is a memory access bug that allows software to write data past the end or before the beginning of the intended buffer. This may result in the corruption of data, a crash, or arbitrary code execution.


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