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Observable Discrepancy


Severity Medium
Score 6.5/10


Sourcegraph is a code search and navigation engine. Sourcegraph prior to version 3.33.2-rc.1 is vulnerable to a side-channel attack where strings in private source code could be guessed by an authenticated but unauthorized actor. This issue affects the Saved Searches and Code Monitoring features. A successful attack would require an authenticated bad actor to create many Saved Searches or Code Monitors to receive confirmation that a specific string exists. This could allow an attacker to guess formatted tokens in source code, such as API keys. This issue was patched in version 3.33.2-rc.1 and any future versions of Sourcegraph. We strongly encourage upgrading to secure versions. If you are unable to, you may disable Saved Searches and Code Monitors.

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CWE-203 - Observable Discrepancy

The product behaves differently or sends different responses under different circumstances in a way that is observable to an unauthorized actor, which exposes security-relevant information about the state of the product, such as whether a particular operation was successful or not.

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