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Missing Authorization


Severity Medium
Score 4.3/10


Invenio-Drafts-Resources is a submission/deposit module for Invenio, a software framework for research data management. Invenio-Drafts-Resources prior to versions 0.13.7 and 0.14.6 does not properly check permissions when a record is published. The vulnerability is exploitable in a default installation of InvenioRDM. An authenticated user is able via REST API calls to publish draft records of other users if they know the record identifier and the draft validates (e.g. all require fields filled out). An attacker is not able to modify the data in the record, and thus e.g. *cannot* change a record from restricted to public. The problem is patched in Invenio-Drafts-Resources v0.13.7 and 0.14.6, which is part of InvenioRDM v6.0.1 and InvenioRDM v7.0 respectively.

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CWE-862 - Missing Authorization

The missing authorization vulnerability occurs when a software program allows users to access privileged parts of the program without verifying the user credentials. Impact of such a vulnerability depends on the resources employed by the software, ranging from account takeover to sensitive information exposure, denial of service, and complete system takeover.


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