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Observable Discrepancy


Severity Medium
Score 5.3/10


** DISPUTED ** Crypto++ (aka Cryptopp) contains a timing leakage in MakePublicKey(). There is a clear correlation between execution time and private key length, which may cause disclosure of the length information of the private key. This might allow attackers to conduct timing attacks. NOTE: this report is disputed by the vendor and multiple third parties. The execution-time differences are intentional. A user may make a choice of a longer key as a tradeoff between strength and performance. In making this choice, the amount of information leaked to an adversary is of infinitesimal value.

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CWE-203 - Observable Discrepancy

The product behaves differently or sends different responses under different circumstances in a way that is observable to an unauthorized actor, which exposes security-relevant information about the state of the product, such as whether a particular operation was successful or not.


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