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Missing Authorization


Severity High
Score 9.1/10


WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) <= 3.1.23 had an AJAX action, ‘admin-dismiss-unsubscribe‘, which lacked a capability check and a nonce check and was available to unauthenticated users, and did not check the post type when deleting unsubscription requests. As such, it was possible for an attacker to permanently delete an arbitrary post or page on the site by sending an AJAX request with the “action” parameter set to “admin-dismiss-unsubscribe” and the “id” parameter set to the post to be deleted. Sending such a request would move the post to the trash, and repeating the request would permanently delete the post in question.

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CWE-862 - Missing Authorization

The missing authorization vulnerability occurs when a software program allows users to access privileged parts of the program without verifying the user credentials. Impact of such a vulnerability depends on the resources employed by the software, ranging from account takeover to sensitive information exposure, denial of service, and complete system takeover.


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