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Authorization Bypass Through User-Controlled Key


Severity High
Score 7.5/10


The sylius/paypal-plugin is a paypal plugin for the Sylius development platform. In affected versions prior to 1.2.4, and 1.3.x prior to 1.3.1 the URL to the payment page done after checkout was created with autoincremented payment id "(/pay-with-paypal/{id})" and therefore it was easy to predict. The problem is that the Credit card form has prefilled "credit card holder" field with the Customer's first and last name and hence this can lead to personally identifiable information exposure. Additionally, the mentioned form did not require authentication. If users are unable to update they can override a "sylius_paypal_plugin_pay_with_paypal_form" route and change its URL parameters to (for example) {orderToken}/{paymentId}, then override the "Sylius\PayPalPlugin\Controller\PayWithPayPalFormAction" service, to operate on the payment taken from the repository by these 2 values. It would also require usage of custom repository method. Additionally, one could override the "@SyliusPayPalPlugin/payWithPaypal.html.twig" template, to add contingencies: ['SCA_ALWAYS'] line in "hostedFields.submit(...)" function call (line 421). It would then have to be handled in the function callback.

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CWE-639 - Authorization Bypass Through User-Controlled Key

The system's authorization functionality does not prevent one user from gaining access to another user's data or record by modifying the key value identifying the data.

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