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Authentication Bypass by Capture-replay


Severity High
Score 7.5/10


Apache Spark supports end-to-end encryption of RPC connections via "spark.authenticate" and "". In versions 3.1.2 and earlier, it uses a bespoke mutual authentication protocol that allows for full encryption key recovery. After an initial interactive attack, this would allow someone to decrypt plaintext traffic offline. Note that this does not affect security mechanisms controlled by "spark.authenticate.enableSaslEncryption", "", "spark.ssl", "spark.ui.strictTransportSecurity". Update to Apache Spark 3.1.3 or later

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CWE-294 - Authentication Bypass by Capture-replay

A capture-replay flaw exists when the design of the software makes it possible for a malicious user to sniff network traffic and bypass authentication by replaying it to the server in question to the same effect as the original message (or with minor changes).

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