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Out-of-bounds Write


Severity Medium
Score 5/10


There is an out of bounds write vulnerability in some Huawei products. The vulnerability is caused by a function of a module that does not properly verify input parameter. Successful exploit could cause out of bounds write leading to a denial of service condition.Affected product versions include:IPS Module V500R005C00,V500R005C20;NGFW Module V500R005C00;NIP6600 V500R005C00,V500R005C20;S12700 V200R010C00SPC600,V200R011C10SPC500,V200R011C10SPC600,V200R013C00SPC500,V200R019C00SPC200,V200R019C00SPC500,V200R019C10SPC200,V200R020C00,V200R020C10;S1700 V200R010C00SPC600,V200R011C10SPC500,V200R011C10SPC600;S2700 V200R010C00SPC600,V200R011C10SPC500,V200R011C10SPC600;S5700 V200R010C00SPC600,V200R010C00SPC700,V200R011C10SPC500,V200R011C10SPC600,V200R019C00SPC500;S6700 V200R010C00SPC600,V200R011C10SPC500,V200R011C10SPC600;S7700 V200R010C00SPC600,V200R010C00SPC700,V200R011C10SPC500,V200R011C10SPC600;S9700 V200R010C00SPC600,V200R011C10SPC500,V200R011C10SPC600;USG9500 V500R005C00,V500R005C20.

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CWE-787 - Out-of-Bounds Write

Out-of-bounds write vulnerability is a memory access bug that allows software to write data past the end or before the beginning of the intended buffer. This may result in the corruption of data, a crash, or arbitrary code execution.


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