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Improper Input Validation


Severity High
Score 7.5/10


A DNS proxy and possible amplification attack vulnerability in WebClientInfo of Apache Wicket allows an attacker to trigger arbitrary DNS lookups from the server when the X-Forwarded-For header is not properly sanitized. This DNS lookup can be engineered to overload an internal DNS server or to slow down request processing of the Apache Wicket application causing a possible denial of service on either the internal infrastructure or the web application itself. This issue affects Apache Wicket Apache Wicket 9.x version 9.2.0 and prior versions; Apache Wicket 8.x version 8.11.0 and prior versions; Apache Wicket 7.x version 7.17.0 and prior versions and Apache Wicket 6.x version 6.2.0 and later versions.

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CWE-20 - Improper Input Validation

The product receives input or data, but it does not validate or incorrectly validates that the input has the properties that are required to process the data safely and correctly.

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