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Missing Release of Memory after Effective Lifetime


Severity Medium
Score 4.3/10


Some ZTE products have a DoS vulnerability. Due to the improper handling of memory release in some specific scenarios, a remote attacker can trigger the vulnerability by performing a series of operations, resulting in memory leak, which may eventually lead to device denial of service. This affects: ZXR10 9904, ZXR10 9908, ZXR10 9916, ZXR10 9904-S, ZXR10 9908-S; all versions up to V1.01.10.B12.

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CWE-401 - Missing release of memory after effective lifetime (memory leak)

'Missing release of memory after effective lifetime (memory leak)' is a weakness that occurs when software doesn't effectively release allocated memory after it is used. If not addressed, this enables attackers to launch denial of service attacks (by crashing or hanging the program) or take advantage of other unexpected behavior resulting from low memory conditions.


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