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Improper Locking


Severity High
Score 7.5/10


u'While processing invalid connection request PDU which is nonstandard (interval or timeout is 0) from central device may lead peripheral system enter into dead lock state.(This CVE is equivalent to InvalidConnectionRequest(CVE-2019-19193) mentioned in sweyntooth paper)' in Snapdragon Auto, Snapdragon Compute, Snapdragon Connectivity, Snapdragon Consumer Electronics Connectivity, Snapdragon Consumer IOT, Snapdragon Industrial IOT, Snapdragon IoT, Snapdragon Mobile, Snapdragon Voice & Music, Snapdragon Wired Infrastructure and Networking in Agatti, APQ8009, APQ8017, APQ8053, AR9344, Bitra, IPQ5018, Kamorta, MDM9607, MDM9640, MDM9650, MSM8996AU, Nicobar, QCA6174A, QCA6390, QCA6574AU, QCA9377, QCA9886, QCM6125, QCN7605, QCS404, QCS405, QCS605, QCS610, QRB5165, Rennell, SA415M, SA515M, Saipan, SC7180, SC8180X, SDA845, SDM660, SDM670, SDM710, SDM845, SDM850, SDX20, SDX24, SDX55, SM6150, SM7150, SM8150, SM8250, SXR1130, SXR2130

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CWE-667 - Improper Locking

The software does not properly acquire or release a lock on a resource, leading to unexpected resource state changes and behaviors.


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