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Session Fixation


Severity High
Score 8.8/10


SolarWinds N-central through 2020.1 allows session hijacking and requires user interaction or physical access. The N-Central JSESSIONID cookie attribute is not checked against multiple sources such as sourceip, MFA claim, etc. as long as the victim stays logged in within N-Central. To take advantage of this, cookie could be stolen and the JSESSIONID can be captured. On its own this is not a surprising result; low security tools allow the cookie to roam from machine to machine. The JSESSION cookie can then be used on the attackers’ workstation by browsing to the victim’s NCentral server URL and replacing the JSESSIONID attribute value by the captured value. Expected behavior would be to check this against a second source and enforce at least a reauthentication or multi factor request as N-Central is a highly privileged service.

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CWE-384 - Session Fixation

Authenticating a user, or otherwise establishing a new user session, without invalidating any existing session identifier gives an attacker the opportunity to steal authenticated sessions.


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