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Insufficiently Protected Credentials


Severity Medium
Score 5.5/10


In Versa Director, Versa Analytics and VOS, Passwords are not hashed using an adaptive cryptographic hash function or key derivation function prior to storage. Popular hashing algorithms based on the Merkle-Damgardconstruction (such as MD5 and SHA-1) alone are insufficient in thwarting password cracking. Attackers can generate and use precomputed hashes for all possible password character combinations (commonly referred to as "rainbow tables") relatively quickly. The use of adaptive hashing algorithms such asscryptorbcryptor Key-Derivation Functions (i.e.PBKDF2) to hash passwords make generation of such rainbow tables computationally infeasible.

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CWE-522 - Insufficiently Protected Credentials

The product transmits or stores authentication credentials, but it uses an insecure method that is susceptible to unauthorized interception and/or retrieval.


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