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Inadequate Encryption Strength


Severity Medium
Score 4.3/10


The Fujitsu TLS library allows a man-in-the-middle attack. This affects Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager V10 and other versions, Interstage Application Server V12 and other versions, Interstage Business Application Manager V2 and other versions, Interstage Information Integrator V11 and other versions, Interstage Job Workload Server V8, Interstage List Works V10 and other versions, Interstage Studio V12 and other versions, Interstage Web Server Express V11, Linkexpress V5, Safeauthor V3, ServerView Resource Orchestrator V3, Systemwalker Cloud Business Service Management V1, Systemwalker Desktop Keeper V15, Systemwalker Desktop Patrol V15, Systemwalker IT Change Manager V14, Systemwalker Operation Manager V16 and other versions, Systemwalker Runbook Automation V15 and other versions, Systemwalker Security Control V1, and Systemwalker Software Configuration Manager V15.

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CWE-326 - Inadequate Encryption Strength

The software stores or transmits sensitive data using an encryption scheme that is theoretically sound, but is not strong enough for the level of protection required.


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