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Use of Hard-coded Credentials


Severity High
Score 9.8/10


A hidden backdoor on PATLITE NH-FB Series devices with firmware version 1.45 or earlier, NH-FV Series devices with firmware version 1.10 or earlier, and NBM Series devices with firmware version 1.09 or earlier allow attackers to enable an SSH daemon via the "kankichi" or "kamiyo4" password to the _secret1.htm URI. Subsequently, the default password of root for the root account allows an attacker to conduct remote code execution and as a result take over the system.

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  • HIGH

CWE-798 - Use of Hard-coded Credentials

The software contains hard-coded credentials, such as a password or cryptographic key, which it uses for its own inbound authentication, outbound communication to external components, or encryption of internal data.


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