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Improper Privilege Management


Severity Medium
Score 6.6/10


In Cloud Foundry cf-release versions prior to v264; UAA release all versions of UAA v2.x.x, 3.x versions prior to v3.6.13, 3.7.x versions, 3.8.x versions, 3.9.x versions prior to v3.9.15, 3.20.x versions prior to v3.20.1, and other versions prior to v4.4.0; and UAA bosh release (uaa-release) 13.x versions prior to v13.17, 24.x versions prior to v24.12. 30.x versions prior to 30.5, and other versions prior to v41, zone administrators are allowed to escalate their privileges when mapping permissions for an external provider.

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CWE-269 - Improper Privilege Management

An effective privilege management infrastructure provides valid users with required access and privileges across heterogeneous technology environments. An application with a faulty privilege management infrastructure allows higher than authorized privileges or enables privilege escalation. This can lead to security incidents such as system infiltration, data breach, and complete system takeover.

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