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Credentials Management Errors


Severity High
Score 9.8/10


An issue was discovered in Riello NetMan 204 14-2 and 15-2. The issue is with the login script and wrongpass Python script used for authentication. When calling wrongpass, the variables $VAL0 and $VAL1 should be enclosed in quotes to prevent the potential for Bash command injection. Further to this, VAL0 and VAL1 should be sanitised to ensure they do not contain malicious characters. Passing it the username of '-' will cause it to time out and log the user in because of poor error handling. This will log the attacker in as an administrator where the telnet / ssh services can be enabled, and the credentials for local users can be reset. Also, login.cgi accepts the username as a GET parameter, so login can be achieved by browsing to the /cgi-bin/login.cgi?username=-%20a URI.

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CWE-255 - Credentials Management Errors

Weaknesses in this category are related to the management of credentials.


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