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Out-of-bounds Write


Severity High
Score 9.9/10


Multiple exploitable buffer overflow vulnerabilities exist in the PubNub message handler for the "cc" channel of Insteon Hub running firmware version 1012. Specially crafted commands sent through the PubNub service can cause a stack-based buffer overflow overwriting arbitrary data. An attacker should send an authenticated HTTP request to trigger this vulnerability. In cmd s_auth, at 0x9d015430, the value for the `usr` key is copied using `strcpy` to the buffer at `$sp+0x290`.This buffer is 32 bytes large, sending anything longer will cause a buffer overflow.

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CWE-787 - Out-of-Bounds Write

Out-of-bounds write vulnerability is a memory access bug that allows software to write data past the end or before the beginning of the intended buffer. This may result in the corruption of data, a crash, or arbitrary code execution.


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