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Improper Privilege Management


Severity High
Score 8.1/10


TeamPass prior to does not properly enforce item access control when requesting items.queries.php. It is then possible to copy any arbitrary item into a directory controlled by the attacker, edit any item within a read-only directory, delete an arbitrary item, delete the file attachments of an arbitrary item, copy the password of an arbitrary item to the copy/paste buffer, access the history of an arbitrary item, and edit attributes of an arbitrary directory. To exploit the vulnerability, an authenticated attacker must tamper with the requests sent directly, for example by changing the "item_id" parameter when invoking "copy_item" on "items.queries.php".

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CWE-269 - Improper Privilege Management

An effective privilege management infrastructure provides valid users with required access and privileges across heterogeneous technology environments. An application with a faulty privilege management infrastructure allows higher than authorized privileges or enables privilege escalation. This can lead to security incidents such as system infiltration, data breach, and complete system takeover.


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