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Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in a Command ('Command Injection')


Severity High
Score 7.2/10


The Sophos Web Appliance Remote / Secure Web Gateway server (version is vulnerable to a Remote Command Injection vulnerability in its web administrative interface. These vulnerabilities occur in MgrDiagnosticTools.php (/controllers/MgrDiagnosticTools.php), in the component responsible for performing diagnostic tests with the UNIX wget utility. The application doesn't properly escape the information passed in the 'url' variable before calling the executeCommand class function ($this->dtObj->executeCommand). This function calls exec() with unsanitized user input allowing for remote command injection. The page that contains the vulnerabilities, /controllers/MgrDiagnosticTools.php, is accessed by a built-in command answered by the administrative interface. The command that calls to that vulnerable page (passed in the 'section' parameter) is: 'configuration'. Exploitation of this vulnerability yields shell access to the remote machine under the 'spiderman' user account.

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CWE-77 - Command Injection

A command injection attack involves injecting an operating system command through the data input, which gets executed on the host operating system with the privileges of the victimized application. The impact of a command injection attack may range from loss of data confidentiality and integrity to unauthorized remote access to the hosting system. The attack may cause serious data breaches and system takeover.


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