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Out-of-bounds Write


Severity High
Score 10/10


Stack-based buffer overflow in Yokogawa CENTUM CS 1000 R3.08.70 and earlier, CENTUM CS 3000 R3.09.50 and earlier, CENTUM CS 3000 Entry R3.09.50 and earlier, CENTUM VP R5.04.20 and earlier, CENTUM VP Entry R5.04.20 and earlier, ProSafe-RS R3.02.10 and earlier, Exaopc R3.72.00 and earlier, Exaquantum R2.85.00 and earlier, Exaquantum/Batch R2.50.30 and earlier, Exapilot R3.96.10 and earlier, Exaplog R3.40.00 and earlier, Exasmoc R4.03.20 and earlier, Exarqe R4.03.20 and earlier, Field Wireless Device OPC Server R2.01.02 and earlier, PRM R3.12.00 and earlier, STARDOM VDS R7.30.01 and earlier, STARDOM OPC Server for Windows R3.40 and earlier, FAST/TOOLS R10.01 and earlier, B/M9000CS R5.05.01 and earlier, B/M9000 VP R7.03.04 and earlier, and FieldMate R1.01 or R1.02 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (network-communications outage) via a crafted packet.

  • LOW
  • NONE

CWE-787 - Out-of-Bounds Write

Out-of-bounds write vulnerability is a memory access bug that allows software to write data past the end or before the beginning of the intended buffer. This may result in the corruption of data, a crash, or arbitrary code execution.


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