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7PK - Errors


Severity Medium
Score 5/10


Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd 2.3.3 provides a different error message when a request with a valid username fails, compared to a request with an invalid username, which allows remote attackers to determine valid usernames on the system.

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CWE-388 - 7PK - Errors

This category represents one of the phyla in the Seven Pernicious Kingdoms vulnerability classification. It includes weaknesses that occur when an application does not properly handle errors that occur during processing. According to the authors of the Seven Pernicious Kingdoms, "Errors and error handling represent a class of API. Errors related to error handling are so common that they deserve a special kingdom of their own. As with 'API Abuse,' there are two ways to introduce an error-related security vulnerability: the most common one is handling errors poorly (or not at all). The second is producing errors that either give out too much information (to possible attackers) or are difficult to handle."


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